Thursday, September 22, 2011

Homework #7 Matilda Jarvis

     In this chapter from Kimmel's Guyland, he dives into the pressures that males have to conform to a certain way of acting, speaking, and feeling--or rather, not feeling. A former football player, Don comments on his coach's behavior: "He'd completely humiliate us for showing anything but complete toughness. I'm sure he thought he was building up our strength and ability to play, but it wore me out trying to pretend all the time, to suck it up and just take it" (Kimmel 47). This hit me because of its harshness, and I feel that this method is not as 'practiced' as it was in the years past, but then again, I'm not a guy and wouldn't actually know except for what I have heard. But I do understand the pressure that this situation would present--trying to keep this mask of composure while being humiliated with everyone watching.
    Kimmel says, "What these theories fail to account for is the way that masculinity is coerced and policed relentlessly by other guys. If it were biological, it would be as natural as breathing or blinking. In truth, the Guy Code fits as comfortably as a straightjacket" (Kimmel 51). This describes the strain of intimidation that males feel to conform to a designated behavior. Thank goodness these "manly characteristics" are not inherited. Not only would men be insanely unoriginal, but for males to be completely unfeeling would lead to destruction and mayhem.

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